(Professional Institution of Management Executive, Directors and Aministrators)

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Incorporated And Established Under Federal Government By Guarantee - No. 926272

Our Vision

To be a world leading professional institution of skill empowerment and human capital development, for international distinctive qualifications/certifications and prestigious awards.

Our Mission

Model management stresses on the unified and systematic arrangement of body of knowledge, the operation of general principles or laws with incorporation of management ingredients: purpose, objectivity, validity, logicality, systematic and reliability. To prepare, blend and groom the potential of prospective trainees, managers, executives and administrators to manage their present and future undertakings with proven management principles and techniques for organizational growth and development; to inculcate in the management concepts and how to analyse and evaluate the concepts, interpret and apply them in their future establishments; to scourge, resuscitate and revamp especially, management and administration in its entirety; and to encapsulate the ideal model management of international standard, innovations, and approaches with radicals reforms.


The Institution of Model Management and Administration of Nigeria in Numbers


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Our Objectives

The Fundamental Objectives of IMMAN includes:

To promote and develop the art of model management science, administration and business/ commercial education, in all its ramifications, in Nigeria and other countries;

To establish and maintain high standards of professional conducts and ethics among model management practitioners, executives, consultants, business educators, academicians and learners in the institutions of higher learning;

To design training and educational programmes that will provide the stake holders with basic principles of model management, administration, business/ commerce, professional and specialized knowledge;

To confer, consult, maintain contact and co – operate or affiliate with any persons, associations, institutions of higher education or examining bodies in Nigeria and other countries worldwide having objectives in whole or in part to those of IMMAN;;

To organize and facilitate study/training courses, conferences, lectures, seminars; publish journals, research papers and books; to maintain library, provide consultancy services and training to both public and private sectors; and to disseminate knowledge and information on total management, administration, commerce, business and industry;

To encourage the acquisition of professional qualifications and proficiency certificates in model management, administration, commercial and business course programmes through the conduct of professional examinations, training, seminars, workshops and other facilities;

To scourge, resuscitate and revamp especially, management and administration in its entirety.


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