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(Professional Institution of Model Management Executives, Directors, Administrators and Proprietors)

(a.k.a. ROMMAN - Role Model Management Administrators of Nigeria)





Institute of Model Management and Administration of Nigeria (IMMAN) is duly registered, approved and licensed by the appropriate authorities: the Federal Ministry of Education (FME), the Federal Ministry of Justice (FMJ), incorporated and established under Decree 1 of 1990 of Federal Republic of Nigeria, as Limited by Guarantee. IMMAN Motto: “Model Management Professional Education with Distinction, Innovation and Radical Reforms.”  IMMAN, being an Institution of Model Management Executives, Directors, Administrators and Proprietors, is also known and addressed as ROMMAN - Role Model Management Administrators of Nigeria!



The Institute of Model Management and Administration of Nigeria is an all-encompassing Higher Professional Education and Training body with distinctive certifications of proficiency and other peculiar professional qualifications. The Institute is broadly based and embraces broad spectrum of courses or fields of specialization or discipline.  It covers all areas of management science and administration at large. 


IMMAN is a Multi-disciplinary Professional Training body that incorporates all management experts, management practitioners, professional consultants, management trainers, business management educators, management executives, administrators, management scholars, academicians, and management educationists in all areas of management science and administration, in commerce & industries, business organizations, professional bodies and institutions of higher learning, both in Nigeria and other countries. 


IMMAN is an independent, non-political, non-profit-making professional body, which cooperates and works together with other professional institutions, educational/academic institutions, business management training centres, government ministries/parastatals, and those that are into management practices and business education, management consult and/or professional education worldwide.

The Institute is born out of concern to enhance the potentials of the present and future leaders in both private and public sectors, for them to perform optimally and, to compete successfully in both local and international labour markets.  This could be achieved through the provision of a practical, appropriate and relevant international standard of foreign and local institutions and professional bodies in the areas of management, administration, commerce and industry, etc.



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(Chartered Institute of Model Management and Administration of Nigeria – CIMMAN)


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The fundamental objectives of IMMAN include:

(a)  To promote and develop the art of model management science, administration and business/ commercial education, in all its ramifications, in Nigeria and other countries.

(b)   To establish and maintain high standards of professional conducts and ethics among model management practitioners, executives, consultants, business educators, academicians and learners in the institutions of higher learning.

(c)  To design training and educational programmes that will provide the stakeholders with basic principles of model management, administration, business, commerce & industry, professional and specialized knowledge.

(d)   To encourage the acquisition of certificates of proficiency and other higher professional qualifications (innovative and distinctive qualifications) in model management, administration, commercial and business course programmes through the conduct of Professional Examinations, Training, Seminars, Workshops and other facilities;.

(e)   To induct new members, honour and confer appropriate and befitting awards and certifications of honour, merit and excellence on the members and other suitable personalities, who have a track record of achievement and astounding feat in the professionalism and practice of management and administration.

(f)   To organize and facilitate studies/training courses, conferences, lectures, seminars; publish journals, research papers and books; maintain library, provide consultancy services and training to both public and private sectors; and to disseminate knowledge and information on total management, administration, business, commerce and industry.

(g)   To provide a joint central organization for Role Models: model business executives,  model managers and model administrators; to offer professional opinions and recommendations on issues relating to management, commerce & industry, business and  administration to government which will facilitate implementation of policies thereof and bring about improvement in the national economic and socio-political development.

(h)   To confer, consult, maintain contact and co-operate or collaborate or affiliate with any persons, associations, management development centres, institutions of higher education or examining bodies (examinations councils) in Nigeria and other countries worldwide having objectives in whole or in part to those of IMMAN.



The vision of IMMAN, being a Model, is to be a Role Model, Leading Professional Higher Education (Institute) of excellent skill empowerment and human capital development in various courses/fields of discipline or specialisatiion within the scope of humanities, business, commerce & industry, business information communication technology management, industrial administration, management science and administration, leading to its model, innovative and distinctive certification of proficiency and qualification.



Our Model Management and Administration is based and stresses on the unified and systematic arrangement of body of knowledge, the operation of general principles or laws with incorporation of management ingredients: purpose, objectivity, validity, logicality, systematic and reliability. Hence, IMMAN is to bring about innovations, eclectic techniques, and dimensional approaches with radical reforms as a redress against managerial parochialism and recycling administrative practices; and to institute, establish, develop, regulate and improve the practice of management and administration in the nation; and to effect turnaround in the national economic and socio-political growth and development; to prepare, blend and groom the potential of prospective trainees, managers, executives, directors and administrators to manage their present and future undertakings with proven management principles and techniques for organizational growth and development; to inculcate in the members, the management concepts and how to analyze and evaluate the concepts, interpret and apply them in their present undertakings and future establishments; to scourge, resuscitate and revamp especially, management and administration practices in its ramification; and to encapsulate the ideal, model management, proven techniques, concepts of international standard into the organizational management and administrative systems as a whole.     

The Institute aims at ‘encapsulating the ideal model, creativity, international standard, innovations and professional approaches in all its ramifications’. Again, IMMAN together with its ‘Management and Administration Professional Education Examinations Council (MAPEEC) shall take up a challenge to combat and restore the value, the power and glory of the lost professionalism in management and administration nationally.  IMMAN shall complement the effort of its predecessors in various areas of related professional studies, and redeem the lost image of professional status in Nigeria and other African countries.

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