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IMMAN’s Motto: “Model Management Professional Education with Distinction, Innovation and Radical Reforms.” As the name implies, IMMAN is a pioneer of ‘Professional Management Certification’ – ‘PMC’ by Examination and Designation (PMCE / PMDC).  This qualifies each member as “Certified Personnel” or “Accredited Managerial Administrator” on his/her discipline or area of specialization or position. 


Join yourself with the Pioneer of Multi-disciplinary Professional Higher Education and Training Institute of Professional Management Certification (PMC) award and honour!


PMC: The Professional Management Certification is conferred on any candidate who meets the requirements either by examination or job designation. IMMAN confers on a candidate ‘Certification’ which qualifies the person as a “Certified Member”.  It can be conferred on a candidate after a successful performance in the IMMAN Examination – PMCE.  It can also be conferred after a candidate’s credentials (both academic and professional) had met the prescribed requirements coupled with candidate’s track records of achievement, success, performance and distinctions in the area of his/her specialization or discipline; and/or of contributions made to social, economy and civic duties in the past or present, etc.

The Professional Management Certification by Examination or Designation (PMCE/PMDC) confers upon successful candidates “Certified Qualifications”.  PMCE/PMDC is on various areas of specialization, discipline, responsibility, assignment or accountability within the scope of management and administration.  Every normal human being, in one area or another, engages in both management and administration directly or indirectly. Also, having critically examined and evaluated the right perspective of management and administration as a profession, organizational position and process in the light of the managerial skills/administrative knowledge (scientific-art)  exercised  by individual personality to getting things done and having desired results through people; the exercise of human judgment, initiative, self-confidence systematic approach and principles display and manifest by a founder,  president, chairman of a company, organization, establishment, club, and association in managing, governing or leading business concern or the people under their leadership to accomplishing corporate objectives, have directly or indirectly saddled with management prowess. Hence, IMMAN may confer its PMDC Award on such recognized, renowned and successful personalities, on account of their performance, skill, talent, knowledge, potential, art, training and expertise on human capital utilization or human resources development. Some of those that engage in administering, managing, facilitating or controlling events, occasions, or presenting entertainments and programmes to the public, may become beneficiaries of PMDC award, too.   Contact IMMAN for yours!