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IMMAN together with its Admission, Education & Examinations Arm has established a Training Centre to train and conduct Examinations for its candidates/students, interested members and other stakeholders, on various areas of study, discipline and specialization within the  scope of Social Science/Humanities, Business, Commerce & Industry, Management Science, Business Information Communication Technology Management, Industrial Administration, Computer Science & I T Management,  and Business Administration, etc.  Only the successful candidates shall be awarded its Proficiency Certifications and Distinctive Qualifications, as follows:


1.      Basic Business Certification Examinations (BBCE) leading to Business Course Certificate (BCC), on Single Course Training/Exams for Intermediate Stage & Professional Single Course Training/Exams for Advanced Stage).

2.      Administrative Management Technician Scheme Certification Examinations (AMTSCE I & II), on Group of Courses Training/Exams for Business Education Certificate - BEC).

3.      Professional Foundation Certification Examinations (PFCE) leading to Professional Foundation Certificate (PFC), on Group of Courses for Training/Exams.

4.      Intermediate Professional Certification Examinations (PCE I) leading to Certificate of Business Administration (CBA), on Group of Courses for Training/Exams.

5.      Advanced Professional Certification Examinations (PCE II) leading to Diploma or Hons. Diploma of Business Administration (DBA/Hons. Dip), on Group of courses for Training/Exams.

6.      Graduate Professional Certification Examinations (PCE III) leading to Graduate Diploma or Higher International Diploma of Business Administration/Management (GDBA/GDM/HID), on Group of courses for Training/Exams.

7.      Graduate Conversion Certification Programme (GCCP) leading to Business Management Certification (BMC) or Administrative Management Certification (AMC), on Group of Courses for Training/Exams.

8.      Higher Professional Certification Examinations (HPCE) leading to Post Graduate Diploma of Business Administration/Management (PGDBA/PGDM), on Group of courses for Training/Exams.

9.      Executive Masters Certification Examinations (EMCE) leading to Executive Masters of Business Administration/Executive Masters Certificate (EMBA/AMBA/EMC), on Group of Courses for Training/Exams.

10.  Corporate Managerial Administration Certification Examinations (CMACE) leading to Professional Management Certification (PMC) / Corporate Managerial Administration Certification (CMAC) / Certified Professional Corporate Managerial Administration (CPCMA).

11.  Professional Higher Distinctive Qualification (PHDQ) leading to DMA/DMS, DCMA, DCA, etc.




Management Education and Professional Training together with Proficiency or Distinctive Certificate Examinations is for five/six (5/6) months. Examinations are conducted two (2) times in a year.  First: May/June and Second: October/November respectively (for both internal and external candidates).  Lecture/Training is on both Week-days and Week-ends (Saturdays and Sundays).


Graduate Conversion Certification Programme (GCCP) Lectures and Trainings together with Examinations are conducted three (3) times in a year - First: March/April;  Second: July/August; and Third: November/December, every year.  Lecture/Training is for Twelve (12) Weekends (Saturdays or Sundays).