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The members are drawn from management practitioners, executives, consultants, managers and administrators, in the various sectors of economy and ministries, parastatals; management educationists, academicians from educational institutions and admitted to the categories of the professional grades of the Institute.  The grading of members conforms to the very high standards set by the Governing Council of the Institute (IMMAN).  However, for any candidate to qualify for membership of the Institute, such must possess relevant academic and/or professional qualifications: Degrees, Diplomas, Certificates and relevant working experiences, in related fields of studies within Management Science, Administration, Business, Commerce & Industry, Business Information Communication Technology Management, Humanities, Social Science and other related discipline.


Conferment of IMMAN Membership Grades on Members

The Governing Council of the Institute confers any of the under-listed membership grades on its members based on their academic status, organizational position/designation at work, educational and professional experience; academic works; past/present involvement in/contributions to or responsibilities towards the societal, local, state, or national development. Also, consider one for membership, on one’s personality, achievement, recognition, status and stance in management, administration, business, commerce and industry; or on positive roles and contributions made towards national economic, social development or human capital development in the state or local level, or towards educational development or political stability/reformation for advancement of the nation  in general. 



The Benefits and Privileges of IMMAN Membership include:

(i)        Free supply of the IMMAN Journals, Newsletters, etc;

(ii)       Access to Institute’s Library and Facilities;

(iii)     Opportunity to attend, share and contribute ideas at Local Meetings, National and International Conferences and Annual     General Meetings;

(iv)      Privilege of using the Institute’s Membership, Prestigious Award, Certification of Honour and Distinctive Qualification Designatory Letters after one’s name.

 (v)      Discount is given to members who attend IMMAN Courses, Conferences, Seminars and Workshops, etc;

(vi)      Opportunity and right to organize and open Local Branch Network in one’s local area or state, or in any country and chance of being the Chairman of IMMAN Local/State/Region/Provincial Chapter.  The Local/State/Region/Provincial Chapter Chairman should inform the International Headquarters (Abuja/Lagos, Nigeria) of such establishment, development and activities;

(vii)     Conferment of appropriate and befitting membership grade, honour on suitable and qualified candidate, and upgrading one’s status when due, on discretion of the governing council (International headquarters);

(viii)   A management and administratively professionally qualified member may be licensed to open and practise a “Professional Model Management & Administrative Consultancy Firm.”

(ix)      A suitable and qualified Fellow Member may be appointed to serve in one capacity or the other or undertake any assignment at local, national or international council level or forum;

(x)       An opportunity to facilitate and present papers at Seminars, Workshops, Conferences or Training venues is open to members on the membership grades of “Full Member”, “Fellow” and other higher status;

(xi)      Moderate remuneration or allowance is attached to council member and other member who is assigned a task or responsibility, when due or as appropriate. 


IMMAN Membership Grade of Professional Model Management and Administration:

(i)        Professional Fellowship Award (FIMA, FMA, etc)

(ii)       Honourary Fellowship Award (FRMA, FCMA, etc)

(iii)     Full Membership (MIMA, MMA, etc)

(iv)      Associate Membership (AIMA, AMA, etc)

(v)      Graduate Membership (GIMA, GMA)

(vi)      Licentiate Membership (LIMA, LMA)


IMMAN Membership Grade of Model Management Distinctive Honour  & Qualification:

 (i)       Professional Distinctive Certification of Honour & Merit Award of Excellence (DCHA)

(ii)       Professional Corporate Managerial Administration (PCMA)

(iii)     Professional Management Certification (PMC)

(iv)      Professional Management Designation Certification (PMDC)

(v)       Honourary Management Designation Award (HMDA)